Unified Communications (UC) has emerged as the on-demand solution for a fraction of any travel and expense budget. But the explosion of video communications has created a multitude of video conferencing products — and it’s increasingly difficult to navigate the maze of choices.

We are here to assist and provide you with a solution that’s powerful enough to meet your communications needs today, whilst also offering the flexibility to respond to the opportunities, challenges, and changes of tomorrow.

High end solutions are being utilised in organisations where quality of video and audio is essential. These high end products are video conferencing codecs that can show and send video in HD quality. 

Our Cloud based video services allows companies to use video conferencing over the web at a fraction of the cost associated with high end conferencing. Insight supports a number of Cloud based services such as – Bluejeans, Videxio, Zoom and Skype for Business, and has a number of huddle room audio and video products to allow clients to link to the Cloud services for small to medium meeting rooms.


OUR MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS...