Project Brief

The space could be used as one large room or two split rooms with a partition wall incorporated. The client hires the rooms for meetings and seminars, so there needed to be a facility for in-room control and also engineer control (located within a control booth) to cover the many uses for the space. A camera system and recording facility was also required. The ability to rapidly turn the room from one layout to another was key, with all video and audio functionality following accordingly. As the rooms are hired out we also needed multiple control points depending on whether the room was live engineered or the clients were left on their own.

The Solution

Each room needed multiple inputs and outputs depending on what the users of the room required. Therefore a matrix of floor box connectivity was devised for any eventuality and these inputs and outputs were run to the control booth where we located a 16×16 multi format switch from AMX. The audio extract card from the switch supplied audio from the sources to the live mixing desk.

Lectern microphones and radio microphones were used to pick up voice in the rooms and route accordingly to the amplifier and speaker systems installed in the rooms, along with recording devices and induction loops. The main presentation screen used an Epson WUAGX projector and 3m fixed frame projection screen with the smaller of the two rooms utilising the same projector onto an electric ceiling mounted recessed projection screen.

The client opted for an analogue sound desk and all audio was routed through accordingly. A HD camera system using 4 ceiling mounted cameras was installed with editing and camera control in the booth – so that meetings could be recorded via a lecture capture devise from Extron.

The Result

Following a three week installation program the client has a solution that covers all the rooms requirements in any room format they choose to utilise. The complexity of the system was based around the multi functional space and number of both video and audio inputs and outputs within the system.

“I have worked with Insight Visual Systems for some years now and know they understand the peculiarities of our Audio Visual requirements because of all the unusual requests we get from our own clients using the space. We have to be totally flexible in what we can offer, but the AV system needs to be easy to operate and run by either our clients or my engineers and Insight have provided a solution that meets with both those requirements
— James Caton