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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming a significant growth area, helping organisations disseminate their message through LAN and WAN based distribution systems.

Digital signage requires display devices – and these could be plasma screens, LCD monitors, projectors, touchscreens or any visual display format, as listed in other areas of this web site. However digital signage relies on the infrastructure of how to get a message to each of the screens within a building, campus, town or city.

Insight provides methods of carrying information over an organisations network, we have digital players that can be scheduled and pre loaded with messages to display at specific times, and we have web based solutions for ultimate flexibility.

The range of product brands as listed allows us to distribute live TV over IP, schedule and play presentations, link into other live feeds for ticker tape news or share price information. Let us consult with you to identify your needs and then find a solution that meets those needs!



Onelan Product Comparison
Onelan Net top box 615
Onelan Net top box 510
Onelan Net top box 500
Onelan NTB5500
AvediaStream TV Gateways
AvediaStream Encoders
IPTV HD Receiver
IPTV SD Receiver
AvediaCentre Web – PC Client
Mediastar Evolution Brochure
Mediastar Evonet Brochure
Mediastar Compact Brochure
Mediastar Pro Brochure

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