Project Brief

Global Data were looking for a flexible digital signage solution for their sales floors. Some areas wanted sales figures for the week / month / year, and other areas required more generic information, but the essential component was ease in changing the content and keeping up to date. As part of the project a video wall was proposed for the reception area to offer a “wow” factor for clients and social events held in this space.


The Solution

Insight undertook a site survey of the different buildings and floors where signage needed to be delivered. A selection of different size monitors was suggested depending on the area the screen covered. 40”, 55” and 65” screens were suggested on thin wall mounts to keep the screens as flush to the walls as possible.

Onelan was proposed as the digital signage solution based around their CMS-S-100 server for up to 100 player subscribers. The Subscibers were placed behind each individual screen offering the most flexible delivery of content produced and managed in India.

For the video wall Insight proposed NEC screens and Peerless wall mounts. The content management was relatively simple – undertaken by the monitor software, but a video switch and IPTV solution was integrated for TV distribution.

The Result

Digital signage was delivered to three separate buildings all under the command of the central server. Content management was given to a team based in India and each player and monitor could show independent material – either sales related to individual teams or more generic content.

The video wall in the reception area was delivered in a 3x3 format showing TV for the most part on all channels. The video wall was recessed thus creating a flat, seamless look and feel, with control located at the reception desk for channel selection and video wall configuration settings.


Insight produced a comprehensive proposal in terms of how we were looking to roll out our digital content. With each screen having an independent player we had the flexibility and control over what content was produced and where it was to be shown. The video wall installation looks great in our reception and we are very happy with the service received!
— IT Manager