In many meeting spaces displays (TVs, LCD monitors, LED Monitors) are being utilised over projection systems because displays offer a greater brightness, contrast and clarity than projection.

With screens sizes now available up to 98″ diagonal  – displays are large enough to deal with the size of most internal meeting rooms.

There are a number of factors to take into account when deciding on a display. In the commercial environment Insight recommends using commercial screens as they have either RS232 or Ethernet control, whereas most TV’s are just IR – which can be unreliable. TV’s also have a plethora of features – most that are not required in a meeting space and in effect get in the way of efficient use of the screen , and commercial monitors have 3 year warranties rather than one year for TV’s.

Inputs into the screens can be important, so if there is not an independent switcher prior to the display, input choice will be important.

Resolution will be HD or 4K and screen brightness levels can range from 300 cd/m’ to 2500cd/m’. For most meeting rooms we recommend a brightness level of 450 – 500 cd/m’ but if you had a screen working in sunlight then the very brightest units would be required.

With ultra thin bezel displays video walls can be produced to any size. Bezel with is now down to 3mm so an almost seamless effect can be produced.

With LED dropping in price a fully seamless video wall is available. Dot pitch is key to resolution of the video wall,and the higher the dot pitch – the higher the price. LED is so bright it can be used for external signage, but there is a move to internal solutions in high end boardrooms and company reception areas.

Insight has access to all models but our main brands are Philips, NEC and Samsung.