How Voice Control is Starting to Impact the Workplace

The average boardroom meeting starts 10 minutes late due to technology-related challenges. 

Whether it’s a memory stick not working or failing to get clear audio on a videoconference, everyone has experienced a meeting room horror story that completely destroys any hope for a productive meeting. However, gone are the days where employees just accept this as an inevitability of work. Employees, and to that end employers are now demanding easy-to-use technology in office spaces of all sizes and functions.

A shift in power over the past decade has meant  also meant workplaces must now listen to what employees want, and as a result workplaces have had to become more flexible in how, when and where employees do their jobs. This has meant that tools that aid in real-time collaboration are becoming a necessity, not a luxury, in maintaining productivity levels. 

By bringing the home to the office employers are now starting to use technology such as Alexa to provide the convenience of voice control in an office setting, without having to provide any training etc, as this is technology many are already comfortable with using. For instance, employees can now start a meeting simply by saying, “Alexa, start my meeting.” From launching a web conference to pulling up on-screen presentation materials, Alexa and other voice controlled technologies can help ensure meetings are timely, productive and free from the “technological fumbling” that usually plagues meetings. 

Voice control is no doubt transforming the way that we live and work, as one of the first personal—and, now, professional—forms of artificial intelligence to play a key role our daily lives. 

However the demand isn’t just in traditional homes or offices, but rather,in every space in which we live and work, whether this be in the hospitality or corporate sector…

As voice controlled systems become smarter and possess a greater number of skills and capabilities, we will soon be able to offer a nearly touch-less living and working experience. Soon enough, the idea of having a virtual personal assistant in any environment, trudging through our emails and organizing our everyday schedule, or just adjusting room settings to our liking, will no longer be a fantastical dream but, rather, a lived, and very real reality.