What to look for when selecting new products 

As AV suppliers our inbox is always inundated with messages from suppliers pitching us the 'newest and best' products.  

Unfortunately, nearly every one of these products are complete garbage and as a result these days we spend more time deleting messages than actually reading them. 

In the ever-changing technological landscape, it has become more important than ever to go out and find new products rather than waiting for them to come to us. It's simply unviable for our business to continually sell or install the same products we have in the past. 

This isn't to say it's essential to go out and find a product that will revolutionise the AV industry and the way you work, new products come in all shapes and sizes, therefore a new product might just make your work more efficient or easier. 

Lee Distad [Rave Publications] has identified some key considerations we feel are essential for any AV company purchasing new products to take on board. 

  •  Is it easy to install or difficult?  

The number one thing to take on board when considering purchasing a new product is whether the product will speed up our installs, reduce waste and deliver value to the client. 

  • Does this new brand exemplify the technology it uses?  

A second consideration should be whether the product is simply another off the shelf product. Or is the product a leader within its own category? As Lee Distad points out, although you should place emphasis on promoting your companies own expertise and not on the shiny equipment that you use, AV pros typically work with brands that are the leaders in their category as these brands are where they are because their products are the best at what they do. 

So remember, whilst some products may have an attractive looking profit margin, this isn't enough! You need products that are going to provide your clients with the best looking, and most effective installs. 

  • Find out how this new brand works with your existing control system

"It’s one simple sentence, but it matters a lot. Does your control vendor write modules for it? Is there an existing community of nerds with a knowledge database you can mine? Are you going to have to write everything from scratch?"- Lee Distad

Arguably the most important step is finding out how potential new products might affect your existing systems, if you don’t your engineers will most definitely let you know! 


We hope this blog has helped shed some light on the sort of questions you should ask yourself when purchasing new products! Comment what you managed to take from the post and what you'd perhaps like to see next time...