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NEC Projection Systems

NEC Display Solutions designs, produces and delivers leading-edge visual display technology for a wide variety of markets. We specialize in desktop LCDs, large-screen LCD and plasma displays, and a diverse line of projectors for customers who demand the most high-quality, reliable display solutions to meet their needs. Our business is driven by advanced technologies, industry-leading service and value-add programs that help increase your productivity and let you see your digital world in a more dynamic way.

From the data on desktops to the budgets in the boardroom; from the calculus in the classroom to the media on the menu, there are more ways than ever before to digital experience information and media. What you do with that information is up to you. How you display that information is up to NEC.

Our line of LCD and plasma displays and projectors guarantee you will view the world in bright, crisp life-like images. With our reputation for delivering the finest displays products on the market, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to explore the possibilities – what can you see with NEC?

Through its commitment to quality, reliability and value, NEC Display Solutions has become a leader in visual display solutions. Its total cost of ownership (TCO) solutions encompass industry-leading technology and support, as well as warranties, that maximize performance and reduce costs over the lifecycles of your LCD or plasma display or projector.


NEC Display Solutions projector line consists of 19 projectors with a wide range of lumen count for the guaranteed best image regardless of the room environment. Our projectors have fast start-up, small footprints and a variety of cutting-edge technology. Many NEC projectors include VORTEX™, a breakthrough image processing technology which improves white level, color accuracy, dynamic range and varying levels of black in an image, Autosense™ technology automatically syncs with any computer signal, and Eco-Mode™ Technology which extends lamp life, lowers audible noise and reduces total cost of ownership. NEC’s wide range of intelligent projectors are a perfect fit for business, educational and home use.

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