Projection Systems

Insight is a specialist visual solutions provider, and the most common method of generating a visual image for large screen applications is a data and video projector.

We have access to most if not all brands of projector, so we can supply a unit to fill any requirement.

Projectors at the top end have built in warping technology and some can be blended together without the need of using external blending technology. Projected resolutions are up to 4 megapixel and brightness levels are improving all the time.

Standard installation projectors from any manufactuer will project an image in a clear, bright way.

Two technologies are previlent for projection - 3LCD - which uses red, green and blue LCD's to produce the image and - DLP - Digital light processing, which uses a mirrored chip to create the image and a colour wheel to generate the colour. Both technologies are available through Insight.

Some of the most common brands are listed below, but please call us for any projector requirement, whatever brand!