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U Touch

U Touch Interactive

U-Touch are one of the world’s leading specialists in touch screen technology.

They are involved in all aspects of touch screen design, development, manufacture and delivery from early consultation, bespoke drawings, purpose built manufacture and systems integration, right through to technical service and support many years after projects have been completed.

They offer the full range of touch screen options from Resistive Membrane, Infra-Red, Optical Sensing, capacitive, projection and through-glass touch foils.

Their technologies are used extensively across all market applications from critical applications such as Heathrow air traffic control to TV News broadcasters to designer presentations for leading ad agencies at the Cannes film festival.

U-Touch continue to pioneer new products utilising the best in design and emerging technologies. They continuously work with key partners to develop important new solutions such as the World’s first and largest 103” touch screen for the Panasonic 103” Plasma display.

U-Touch distribute their extensive range of touch screen technologies worldwide and across many different vertical markets.

Push button, annotation and multi-touch all work with U-Touch overlays. U-Touch technologies are also compatible with PC and Mac systems and work with all annotating packages such as Promethean, eBeam and MyEboard. They have also been told their touch screens are suitable for all smart packages and smart airliner. Many software designers and integrators use U-Touch technologies as part of their research and development programmes.

Our products are often quoted as being preferred over competitor models because they are considered to have better technology, are better designed with sleek flush fit overlays and, most importantly, during operation they provide better speed, accuracy and reliability.

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