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Exterity AV and Digital Signage Distribution Systems

Exterity AvediaStream TVgateways take terrestrial TV or satellite channels and make them available via your building, campus or metropolitan-area network as standard MPEG streams. You can also use AvediaStream Encoders to deliver decrypted TV channels from satellite set-top boxes.

You can deliver these channels to standard TVs and AV displays using Exterity IPTV Receivers, or to user PCs via Exterity Avedia PC Clients. With the Exterity IPTV Manager (a Windows application), you control which channels are available, where they can be seen, and who can see them. You can even remotely change channels and control the volume on one or many displays throughout your facility.

This is a very simple way to get started with Building IPTV. Just one TVgateway can deliver multiple channels. Unlike traditional analogue TV systems, you can support an unlimited number of channels, and add users without degrading the signal.

Live TV over the LAN has applications in many industries.

 Hospitality: deliver Freeview and satellite TV to guest rooms and common areas, as well as premium sports channels to guest rooms

Healthcare: deliver Freeview and satellite TV or premium sports channels to patient rooms and common areas

Education: Provide information, news, entertainment and foreign language TV and radio around campus and in student accommodations; deliver TV to student accommodations without a separate analogue network

Sporting venues: deliver live TV to concession areas, hospitality suites and offices

Finance/Trading: show traders the latest news on TV screens around the trading floor or on their individual PCs; remotely change channels to breaking news that may affect trading

Corporate: deliver live news and entertainment to common areas; reduce absenteeism during major public events by making TV coverage available on desktop PCs

Transport: provide live TV to waiting areas to keep passengers entertained

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