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Biamp Nexia

Biamp Nexia Audio Conferencing

When Biamp launched the Nexia line, it was hailed as one of the coolest products of the year. Our exclusive NexLink digital audio bus lets you network units and features as needed without excess investment upfront.

We’ve won awards again - for our new Nexia TC (teleconferencing) and Nexia VC (videoconferencing) digital signal processors. Now both feature built-in Biamp TrueSound™ AEC - the world’s most advanced wideband acoustic echo cancellation. Designed specifically to provide crisp, clear audio in videoconferencing or

The entire Nexia lineup – including Nexia CS (conference system), Nexia PM (presentation mixer) and Nexia SP (speaker processor) – is designed with a network-friendly open architecture to help you create economical, intuitive solutions. You’ll save time, effort and, ultimately, money.

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