""The specification was to design a collaborative environment for our Geophysics and Well Planning team. Insight Visual Systems Ltd demonstrated and installed a Visual 3D Stereo system that allowed us to look at data in both 2D and 3D on a 5m screen. The system has four projectors in two stacks of two - to enable a passive 3D stereo image to be projected over the whole screen, driven by a dual output PC""

Case Studies

Total Oil - Aberdeen

Insight Visual Systems Ltd were the first UK company to Partner Cyviz - a Norwegian manufacturer of 3D visual converters to work with stereo graphic cards within PC's and Unix computers.

Total Oil, had issues with the collaboration of different departments within the Geological Workflow. Well planning depended on the Geophysicist's, Goelogist's, modeler's and Well Designers to work together and share the data, so that the best options were taken when drilling for Oil.

Therefore a Collaboration Room was set up based around a 5m screen and double stacked projection. Data from two sources could be seen at any one time, along with one single 5m image when looking at Geological models (Data from a dual output graphics card).

Following demonstrations of 3D projection, at a cost not previously available, the system was set up so that both 3D and 2D images could be seen. Video Conferencing was added at a later date so that the collaboration could be shared between sites.

An AMX control system was used to control source selection and 2D to 3D projection.

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