"We wanted an impact video wall in our reception, and we asked Insight to recommend and integrate the solution. NEC had recently launched their thin bezel LCD monitors and Insight used these monitors to create our 3x3 video wall, allowing us to have one of the first LCD based solutions in the country. Our preset functionality allows us to change the format of the wall at the press of a button on a PC. The solution gives us the impact we wanted in our reception and we are delighted with the overall functionality."

Case Studies

Progressive Media Group

Progressive Media PLC were looking to move into a new building and Insight Visual Systems Ltd was commissioned to advise, specify and deliver the AV required in the complete build.

This involved a Boardroom set up with AMX control system, a number of meeting rooms with hard wired control on a push button solution, a breakout area with various display monitors showing TV or linked information and monitors in various offices for TV and presentations.

As TV was required throughout the building we installed an Exterity TV solution delivering TV signals over the network to any network end point. Each end point had the ability of independantly selecting any available channel on the system for complete flexibility for each user.

The highlight of the installation was a media wall for the Reception area using NEC 46" monitors. As one of the first installations using these thin bezel monitors a 3 x 3 video wall was built and installed. Control over the sources and monitor set up was done via an AMX processor working off the Receptionist PC. Images could be displayed in a number of templates including having one image across all screens, or having 9 separate images displayed - either on TV or from PC's.

The finished design looked clean and modern and the video wall offers a high degree of impact in the reception area.

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